Experience, professionalism and safety

There are several ways we try to make your trip as safe as possible. On all of our tours, our guides are completely bilingual and have all lived and traveled extensively in the regions in which they work. And we utilize the most experienced and reputable crews for all of our adventure activities. Our adventure sport teams have a combined 10 years of experience and excellent safety records. Finally, we avoid using bus companies and airlines that have poor safety records or that we consider to be less reliable, even when their fares are considerably cheaper.

Value for money

We include quite a lot in our tour package, such as all internal flights and all airport transfers. When comparing, look carefully at what's included; whether it's something big like flights or something small such as the Cuzco Visitor's Ticket. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what we offer.

Included airport transfers - always!

You'll never pay us extra for this. It's no fun arriving in a foreign country and having to make your way to your hotel on your own, being hassled and ripped off by the airport taxi drivers. On a Mountain Holidays , we'll have one of our representatives at the airport instead, with a big, bright Mountain Holidays sign and secure and reliable transport to your hotel. And you won't have to dig around for spare change for taxi fare at the end of your trip, either. Your transfer to the airport for you departure flight is included in our prices, and Mountain Holidays makes sure you get a reliable and safe ride to start your journey home.

Personalized, prompt service

We're a small adventure tour company and we think that's just great. It means that our staff and crews are carefully and thoughtfully selected, and it also means that you, our client, will not get lost amongst a thousand other passengers. Our tours are for individuals, friends, families and small groups, and we take pride in providing a personal and unique experience. This means we make a point of personally meeting all of our clients, helping you out with any particular interests or shopping items while you're here, and having a 24-hour local phone number for any questions you might have. See this outertravelsinnerjourneys.com for more information about spiritual tours.

Low impact tourism

What's low-impact tourism? A lot of things, both big and small, like using a trekking staff that packs out all of its garbage and refuse, or encouraging our passengers to give out school supplies or Polaroid pictures instead of money or candy to the kids we encounter along the way. We recognize that any form of tourism has an impact on its destination, and we try to make ours as positive as possible.

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